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Tyrone Scaffolding Ltd

Call us on: 0208 441 2135 | Mobile: 0793 923 8520

Tyrone Scaffolding Ltd – Trusted Scaffolding Erectors for the London Area


Tyrone Scaffolding Ltd is a family run domestic and commercial scaffolding company that’s been trading for over two decades. Our team of 20+ scaffolding erectors bring a versatile range of scaffolding solutions to residents of North London, South London, East London and West London, as well as the wider M25 area. If you’re searching for a reputable and skilled scaffolder which won’t let you down or break the bank, Tyrone Scaffolding Ltd is here to help.


While we regularly provide clients with small domestic scaffolding structures, we also put up commercial scaffolding for large scale construction, maintenance and restoration projects. Among our most recent triumphs are structures at Bedford Mansions Centre Point on Tottenham Court Road, Hercules House at Heathrow, Draycott Gardens Kensington, Sloan Square in Central London, Primrose Mansion in Battersea and Hyde Park Towers in Paddington.


Big name clients trust our expansive team of scaffolding erectors due to their many qualifications and proven track record working on commercial scaffolding projects. Tyrone Scaffolding Ltd holds public liability insurance to the tune of £5m, a policy designed to grant clients peace of mind. You can breathe easy if a Tyrone scaffolder is on the case!

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Residential Scaffolding

We can provide scaffolding for residential projects in and around North, South, East and West London including…


• Roofing

• Loft Conversions

• Re-Decoration

• Extensions

• Guttering

• Chimney Stacks

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tyrone scaffolding on a large building

Commercial Scaffolding

Tyrone Scaffolding Ltd has provided commercial scaffolding solutions for a huge range of projects, from the very small to the mammoth. The scaffolding services requested by our clients in South, North, West and East London include…


• Scaffold Towers

• Scaffolding Design

• Chimney Scaffold

• Heavy Duty Support

• Temporary Roofs

Health and Safety

With scaffolding, maintaining a high standard of health and safety is absolutely pivotal to providing a quality service. Working at height can be a risk when scaffolding erectors have put up a shoddy structure, and a scaffolder carrying out work in a reckless fashion also puts their own life in danger. Our scaffolders are well versed and trained in adhering to all health and safety regulations.


But one thing that really sets us apart from the crowd, is that we directly employ a safety officer who is always on hand to ensure that our trained and insured workers set up structures across East, West, South and North London in the most safe and sound manner possible.


So if you’re looking for scaffolding erectors who can handle any and all sizes of project, whether you’re in North London, South London, West London or East London, or even further afield in the M25 area, why not give us a call?

You can reach Tyrone Scaffolding Ltd on 0208 441 2135 or 07939 238 520. Call us today for quality and affordable domestic and commercial scaffolding solutions.

Call us on: 0208 441 2135 | Mobile: 0793 923 8520

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